Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving: Menu and Prep

Yeah, yeah, yeah....I know what you are going to say-- it's been awhile. I could type 200 words on why I haven't been posting much lately but I won't. Let's just let bygones be bygones and get on with the good stuff. Sound good?

Because tomorrow is Thanksgiving.


How did that happen?

Y'all know how much I love Thanksgiving-- it is my favorite holiday. And this year I am hosting for the first time! I've been dreaming of this day for awhile now...when I would be able to plan my menu, cook the meal, and enjoy time with family in my own house.

In my mind, I thought this would be a leisurely process that I would begin in early October as the holiday food magazines arrived (you'll be happy to know I did not buy a single one this year-- only read the ones I already subscribe to!), that I would have so many things prepped the weekend before that it would be a breeze to get everything together in time for Thanksgiving Dinner.

In reality, I didn't even put my menu together until last weekend and only because I knew I needed to go to the grocery store before all the turkeys were gone. Sigh. At least I had enough foresight to request today off of work well in advance! In order to help me get organized, I've put together the following plan for getting everything done in time for tomorrow...but first my menu.

Thanksgiving Dinner 2011
Roasted turkey with herb butter
Cornbread dressing (which my mom will be bringing)
Mashed potatoes (which my mother-in-law will be bringing)
Onion pudding
Carmelized brussel sprouts with butternut squash and bacon
Cranberry-apple salad (which my mom will be bringing)
Sweet potato biscuits
Parker house rolls
Apple-brandy cheesecake (which my mother-in-law will be bringing)
Sweet potato pie (from the awesome Linvilla Orchards in PA--brought by my mom)

And here's the game plan:

1. Clean the house
2. Prep dough for the parker house rolls (yep-- I'm doing it from scratch!)
3. Get my haircut ('s impossible to get Saturday appointments when you don't remember to call ahead more than a few days in advance! I gotta take advantage of not working when I can)
4. Prep biscuit dough
5. Finish getting roll dough together and bake rolls and biscuits
6. Make compound herb butter for turkey
7. Blanch brussel sprouts and butternut squash for tomorrow
8. Make onion pudding (assuming I have room in the fridge to keep until tomorrow--otherwise make tomorrow morning when I pull the turkey out)
9. Wash and iron table cloth
10. Make sure china (which has been sitting in my china cabinet since we got married two years ago) is clean.
11. Set the table

1. Cook frozen quiche which I will be serving to my parents and grandmother when they arrive for lunch.
2. Cook onion pudding and cornbread dressing and wrap in foil.
3. Prep appetizers/afternoon snacks (baked brie and store-bought spinach dip)
4. Prep turkey and put in oven.
5. While turkey is resting, reheat sides in oven, warm bread, cook brussel sprouts, and heat gravy.
6. Carve turkey and get everything out
7. Eat!

Stay tuned for the details :)