Sunday, March 24, 2013

Catching Up

Wow—that was one long (unintended) hiatus! Somehow I thought that maternity leave would mean having more time to devote to the ol’ blog—you know, while my angelic baby slept for hours at a time during the day and I, well-rested and organized, would have plenty of time to read, cook and post thoughts about life and my newfound motherhood.


In reality, my four months of maternity leave went by in the blink of an eye and my baby, while sweet and adorable, was not the world’s best sleeper during the day or at night which meant that a large part of my daily schedule consisted of trying to get her to sleep, thinking about how to get her to sleep, reading about how to get her to sleep and/or trying to get some sleep myself. Add in the busy holiday season plus some additional worries about finding loving and reliable child care (for when I went back to work) and weight gain issues and that was that. Now I am back at work and things seem to be going well. As Aimee gets older, all the things I worried incessantly about while on maternity leave seem to be finally falling into place—while not the world’s greatest sleeper she is sleeping most, if not all, of the night now, she’s gaining weight (thanks to a combo of breast milk and formula) and at seven months (!) is so active and fun to be around. 

I have lots of stories to share about all of it—and hopefully, I’ll be able to do that on a somewhat more regular basis now (famous last words....). I’ll be honest—there’s not a whole lot of interesting cooking going on these days but when  and if I find that secret to cooking dinner during the week while working full time and spending quality time with my baby and husband…I’ll be sure to post about it :) In the meantime, I hope the two of you who still check this blog on a regular basis will find the baby related stuff of interest (or at least enjoy the pictures) and you’ll stick around for the rare occasions where I try a new recipe, like the results, and actually remember to take a picture of it to share !