Sunday, July 20, 2014

Super Simple Learning

Over the last 6 months or so Aimee has become increasingly interested in our phones-- particularly in looking at pictures (mainly of herself!) and in watching the short videos that we allow her to see on occasion. Although we still try to limit "screen time" as much we can, she does get a kick out of some of these silly videos and songs and they can be really helpful when you need her to sit still for 5 minutes while you put something in the oven, for example. They are, unfortunately, also my main negotiating tool for when I want to get Aimee to do certain things (note that I did not use the word "bribe"-- until just now oops!).

I've made it easy to organize her favorite videos by following my friend Stephanie's advice for setting up a youtube channel just for Aimee-- it's so much easier that way! At various times, Aimee will have a certain set of videos that she will frequently request to watch (and would probably watch on an endless loop if we let her!). Right now she is a big fan of the videos by Super Simple Learning. SSL has a pretty large library of little videos featuring your favorite nursery rhymes/preschooler songs. And the animation is pretty cute too. Here are some of Aimee's favorites (note you may have trouble with the links if you are reading on an RSS feed):


If You're Happy (which Aimee refers to as "The Happy Song")

Old MacDonald

Walking in the Jungle (the current favorite!)

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  1. Hi Lindsay and Aimee!!
    Thanks for the great recommendation, Aimee. Hearing that you are having so much fun watching our videos makes us want to sing "The Happy Song." We also have some fun coloring pages, worksheets, flashcards, and games that your mom can download for you from our website:
    It's another great way to keep busy while learning! We have more new videos coming soon that we hope you'll love.
    Sara from Super Simple Learning